New partnership with Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research to examine diet, metabolism as prevention & treatment

From the piece:

“Princeton is the home of a new branch of the @Ludwig_Cancer, an international community of distinguished scientists dedicated to preventing and controlling cancer.

“The Princeton branch will focus on three main areas: dietary strategies to prevent and treat cancer; how bodies inadvertently support tumor growth and metastasis; and the interplay between a patient’s metabolism, gut microbiome and anti-cancer immune response.

” ‘Diet is an overlooked therapeutic strategy that can help turn on immune response or work with classical drugs to make them work better,’ said Joshua Rabinowitz, director.

“Researchers plan to run diet trials that are scientifically rigorous and immediately beneficial to patients.’People know they need to stay nourished, but they get no detailed guidance,’ said Rabinowitz. ‘For example, a lot of patients are told to take fish oils, because fish oils are viewed as good fat. But there’s evidence that polyunsaturated fats like fish oils accelerate growth of certain tumors.’

“Princeton will be the first Ludwig location to focus on cancer metabolism, an area that Ludwig believes ‘holds considerable promise for the optimization of cancer prevention and therapy,’ said Chi Van Dang, the scientific director of the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research.”