Alum previews FLORA grant work in lecture for Bradford Seminar Series

Information from PU and University College London:

Carole Dalin

“Carole Dalin, Associate Professor in Sustainable Food Systems, and the Research Director of the Institute for Sustainable Resources at University College London, recently presented information on environmental sustainability indicators for global food production, as part of the David Bradford Energy and Environmental Policy Seminar Series.

“Dalin, who in 2014 earned her PU Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering & Water Resources with Prof Ignacio Rodriguez-Iturbe and her Certificate in Science, Technology and Environmental Policy with Prof Denise Mauzerall, just received funding from the European Research Council to lead the FLORA project (“Sustainable and healthy food solutions: system dynamics and trade-offs”) as a 5-year Starting Grant, beginning in 2022.

“The ambitious scientific goals of this inter-disciplinary project are to help find effective solutions for sustainable food systems worldwide. It will enable Dr Dalin to recruit three postdoctoral researchers and one doctoral student with different scientific expertise, from environmental, health, and data sciences to economics.

“Dalin joined UCL in 2016 with a 5-year Independent Research Fellowship, funded by the UK Natural Environment Research Council. Her fellowship research focused on the environmental sustainability of global food production and trade. Her research group works on this theme, with particular interests in water resources, biodiversity and climate change.”