Change Food video shorts collection

Click here for a curated collection of short-length videos about issues impacting sustainable food and farming.  From the site:

These professionally filmed educational shorts come from different conferences, events, organizations and outlets.  They include presentations from TEDxManhattan, Change Food and other food-related conferences and events.  Each talk in the library is searchable and tagged by topic/issue, speaker, organization and other tags that make it very easy to search for specific videos or specific groups of videos.


WP: Chefs, artists, entrepreneurs on ‘Changing the Menu’

From the Washington Post site:

On March 26, 2015, chefs, artists, entrepreneurs and innovators from government and at the White House gathered in Washington at Arena Stage to discuss ways to improve what Americans eat and how they move.

Changing the Menu is part of the Post’s signature live event series America Answers, which seeks innovative ideas from cities and leaders outside the beltway to learn how they are finding solutions to issues that affect us all.

Read the story, see the videos from The Washington Post here.