Navigating independent work

Independent work requirements vary widely across academic departments, but all Princeton undergraduates are expected to engage in independent work as the culmination of their undergraduate studies.  This page (evolving as we add more resources) is meant as a starting point for students considering the integration of food studies with their independent work. 

Some students may wish to explore the cultural, sociological, philosophical, or historical dimensions of food, its production and consumption.  Others may wish to consider ways in which food relates to issues of the environment, ethics, sustainability, cultural identity, policy and politics, public health, medicine, technology, economics or international relations. An interest in food or food studies can advance your independent work and career prospects by bringing focus and meaning to your research.  The interdisciplinary nature of work in this emerging field lends itself to research in almost any department at the University.

 Independent work in food studies prepares students to enter a variety of careers including:

• Advocacy/Non-Profit

• Finance/Investment

• Policy

• Politics

• Agriculture

• Engineering

• Public relations

• Teaching/Education

• Food writing

• Journalism

• Photography

• Development

• Research

• Retail sector

• Advanced academic or professional training in medicine, public health, food studies, legal studies, or other related fields

Interested?  Here’s what you can do next:

Look at the independent work guide for your major or intended major.  Consider ways in which your interest in food or food studies relates to independent work in your department.  Explore the WRI report for topics that interest you. Talk with advisers in your department about your interest.

See our list of food-related courses to help you approach your independent work from various disciplinary perspectives. Explore topics with those professors.

Visit the office of career services for help in connecting your research interests with internships, funding, and career paths.


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