History: The last 10 years

FEB 2016: Food Entrepreneurship symposium, with Career Services event and in partnership with PEI and the Keller Center, draws around 200 for our day of panels and Q&As, our selections of local edibles and the sustainable lunch by Jerry Luz, a chef at Campus Dining.

FEB 2016: Began the first PFS-supported course, Science, Society & Dinner, under the direction of Kelly Caylor and Craig Shelton, the five-star chef, at JW Middle School Teaching Kitchens and with assistance from myriad local businesses and artisans.

DEC 2015: Established framework for weekly Princeton Studies Food table at Rocky-Mathey with Harriet Flower, head of Mathey.

DEC 2015: Princeton Studies Food partners with Jim Nawn and Fenwick Hospitality Group, owner of Agricola restaurant and Great Road Farm, which will establish and run a bar and a restaurant on the site of the former Dinky Station. Nawn’s group will run logistics for the Science, Society & Dinner course, will host students on field trips to the farm and will open his restaurants and their operations on off-peak hours to students for research and study.

NOV 2015: Science, Society & Dinner receives 98 first-choice applications from students applying for Freshman Seminars for Spring 2016, more than 20 percent of all applications – “remarkable,” according to Clayton Marsh, who oversees the seminars. With only 15 slots, we turned away 83 students. A short Facebook post announcing the course reaches 3,023 people.

SEPT 2015: Rozalie’s Recommendations, a weekday guide to dining on campus, begins publication on Princeton Studies Food website and soon follows on the FB page.

MAY 2015: FRS 138 Science, Society & Dinner, an interdisciplinary ENV and food studies course co-taught by Professor Kelly Caylor and five-star chef Craig Shelton, approved as a freshman seminar and added to the course list for Spring 2016. Course architects: Karla Cook, Craig Shelton, Kelly Caylor and co-lecturers from across campus as well as Rozalie Czesana ’18, who initiated the course with the administration.

MAY 2015: Reunions Panel – “Feeding the Future and the Future of Food,” featuring Professor Kelly Caylor, Tim Searchinger, Gordon Douglas

MAY 2015: Science, Society & Dinner pilot evening pegged on Cinco de Mayo at John Witherspoon Middle School Teaching Kitchens, site for the course. Featured a lecture by postdoc Amy Lerner on Corn, Chiles and Chocolate and hands-on cooking lessons from Chef Craig Shelton that culminate in a communal dinner of homemade tacos, three salsas, slow-roasted chicken mole, seared zucchini with chipotle, hibiscus tea and Mexican hot chocolate three ways.

APRIL 2015: Subscriber mailing list begun for students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members as base for announcements on conferences and as prelude to newsletter development.

MAR 2015: Build publicity in partnership with Lyndon Estes, research scholar, for his twice-monthly lunchtime talks for students pursuing agriculture-related projects.

FEB 2015: The Princeton Studies Food website, FB page and Twitter account launched. Sites gather and publicize relevant events, stories from Spoon University-Princeton, student club information, alumni news and mentorship possibilities, news items and links to programs elsewhere.

FEB 2015: Public launch of Princeton Studies Food, Frist Campus Center.

FEB 2015: Professor Kelly Caylor, CEE and head of the ENV certificate program of the Princeton Environmental Institute, joins Princeton Studies Food.

FEB 2015: Lyndon Estes, research scholar, joins Princeton Studies Food.

JAN 2015: Stipend authorized for first hire: Karla Cook, longtime journalist, former restaurant critic for The New York Times, editor of The Food Times, nonprofit founder and community organizer, now coordinator for the nascent group.

DEC 2014: Princeton on the Plate, a Spoon University panel discussion on how food builds community across disparate and diverse groups, features farmer Jess Niederer of Chickadee Creek Farm; Raoul Momo of Terra Momo Restaurant Group and PU’s Smitha Haneef; co-sponsored by Princeton Studies Food.

OCT 2014: Systemic Risk in Global Agriculture, a Princeton-Columbia Joint Conference sponsored by the Global Systemic Risk research community of the Princeton Institute for International PII, brings Tim Searchinger, Steve Pacala, Rob Socolow, scholars from within and outside the University to examine uncertainties in the complex and dynamic system of agriculture – and in the interdependent complex systems it requires and affects.

OCT 2014: Princeton Studies Food conference, funded by Gordon Douglas MD ’55 and Sheila Mahoney S’55, draws a standing-room-only crowd for presentations on food-related research under way at the University.

2014: Gordon Douglas and Sheila Mahoney establish fund for two conferences and educational food work, under the direction of Tim Searchinger and postdoc Amy Lerner. Other team members include Rozalie Czesana ’18, representing Spoon University-Princeton and Anthony Shu ’18, also representing Spoon.

2014: Gordon Douglas and Sheila Mahoney give real estate to Princeton University, with the idea of using the trust for some aspect of health.

2013: Flavor Lab: A Sense of Place on the Plate – coordinated by Karla Cook, a series of 14 dinners for Mathey College freshmen by Chef Craig Shelton and featuring local, seasonal and organic ingredients.

2011: AlumniCorps Seminar, “Sustainable Food and Public Health,” moderated by Gordon Douglas MD ’55, with panelists David Benzaquen and Nancy Easton

2010: Outreach begins. Princeton AlumniCorps: A focus on Food Fellowships presentation by Gordon Douglas ’55 and Sheila Mahoney S’55, on communicating, outreach and helping to find solutions to the perils of industrial food production.

2009 Feeding a Hot & Hungry Planet: From the web page – a one-day symposium and a two-day conference hosted by PEI and led by Tim Searchinger that seek to explore the scientific, policy and ethical questions presented by the need to greatly boost food production to feed a growing world population while reducing agriculture’s contribution of about 30 percent of the world’s greenhouse gases.

2006 Food, Ethics and the Environment: From the web page- “With nearly 1,000 in attendance, this two-day conference brought together industry experts, scientists, local farmers, students and representatives of University dining services to build on existing movements on and off campus to examine food choices.” Speakers included Peter Singer, Eric Schlosser, Marion Nestle, Gary Nabhan, Michael Pollan and Stu Orefice. Sponsored by PEI.