Mission & Goals


Excite Princeton students, faculty and alumni to create a vibrant environment for research and education in food systems studies that capitalizes on Princeton’s unique capabilities.


  • Strengthen and expand the current research program to support two to three faculty and graduate students in food systems studies.
  • Build on existing coursework to develop core curricula that lead to a certificate program in food systems studies
  • Support connections between science, policy and humanities departments in food systems studies.
  • Using alumni and community resources, demonstrate viability of career choices in food.
  • Provide analyses for key policies on food systems.
  • Link students, faculty, scholars and alumni with joint food work through conferences, seminars, lectures, films, workshops, and with actual food – grown, harvested, prepared, shared, donated and studied.
  • Actively involve the university and the Princeton community in campus as lab opportunities.
  • Fully and effectively engage alumni in all aspects of the program as teachers and learners.
  • Use food/dinners/gastronomy to build community.