University features FRS 138 course in story & video

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 5.07.07 PMDelighted to share the link to a terrific story and our video short on Science, Society & Dinner, the course that debuted in Spring 2016 as FRS 138!

From the course description:
“Science, Society, & Dinner is a collaborative, experiential forum for discussing, analyzing and interpreting the complex connections between our food systems, food choices, culture, and human and environment health. Through a series of guest lectures from professors across campus, the course will explore the biochemistry and biophysics of cooking; the environmental biology and ecology of modern food systems; and the limitations of science when divorced from the humanities. The course also will address food literacy, the relationship between food and culture, and the ethics of agricultural production and consumption.
Your time in this seminar will consist of three main activities: weekly hands-on cooking lessons from a five-star chef; a matching series of interdisciplinary lectures that look behind the plate; and outrageously delicious meals that students prepare for each other and eat together….”