Nancy Easton ’88, changing lives with food

Those of us at Spoon University seek to foster the appreciation of food on campus and around the community. Just as important is recognizing efforts on a broader level that foster healthy eating as well as lifestyles, and Princeton alumna Nancy Easton ’88 has dedicated much of her life to doing just this. Nancy participated in founding Wellness in the Schools in 2005, and has been recognized by various organizations and well-known chefs such as Jamie Oliver….Wellness in the Schools seeks to promote healthy eating and living, specifically targeting youth in the public school system.

Initially launched in just three schools, the program is now in at least fifty schools. Wellness in the Schools continues to partner with various teachers, chefs, parents, and students to create this organization, which offers programs and opportunities for kids in public schools to access and learn about healthy food, the environment, fitness, and more. Wellness in the Schools currently aids “approximately 30,000 public school children in New York City, Kentucky, and Florida.” Two of the biggest Wellness in the Schools initiatives are Cook for Kids and Coach for Kids. The first program is a “hands-on food program” and the second is a fitness program. First Lady Michelle Obama ’85 has nationally recognized the Cook for Kids program. Read a Q&A with Nancy Easton here.

– Julie Goldstein, Spoon University