Become a friend of PSF

PSF relies on the vision and efforts of many. We ask you to join us in shaping the future.

As a Friend of PSF we seek to have you involved. You will receive invitations to our events and to related events on campus. We will keep you abreast of developments in the program, and will invite your advice.

We want to build the momentum that has been started and we need you to be part of that.

Specifically, we would like your guidance in building a powerful network of alumni interested in this work. Help us find new friends.

We also want your ideas regarding thought leaders whom we might invite to the campus for a lecture or student discussion.

It is critical that we make important connections for the students. What are the opportunities that you know of for internships and employment?

Please contact us directly to discuss your specific ideas and hopes for PSF.

Thank you,
Sheila A. Mahoney S ’55