Science, Society & Dinner course makes PAW

SSD poster copyShoutout to Mary Hui ’17 for her piece about FRS 138: Science, Society & Dinner, our first course under the Princeton Studies Food umbrella. The course is taught by Professor Kelly Caylor, Lecturer/Chef Craig Shelton and a rotating cast of guest lecturers from disciplines and schools across campus.

From the piece:

They put their coats and bags down in a corner, and quickly donned black aprons. Embroidered in orange letters across the front of each were the words “Science, Society & Dinner.”

This is FRS 138, a freshman seminar that combines lab sessions, cooking lessons from a five-star chef, lectures, field trips, and “outrageously delicious meals that students prepare for each other” to explore the intersections between food systems, food choices, and human health. The class also considers a broader question: How will we sustainably feed nine billion people by the end of this century?

See it here, in the Princeton Alumni Weekly.