Talk: Junking tropical forests for junk food?

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Lyndon Estes, right, along with Chef Craig Shelton from FRS 138: Science, Society & Dinner.

Lyndon Estes, ecologist, associate research scholar and lecturer, writes to invite all to postdoc Janice Lee’s talk, “Junking Tropical Forests for Junk Foods?” at the agricultural group meeting he chairs on Wednesday, April 13, at 10 am in EQuad E322.

Lee is a member of Professor David Wilcove’s research team. Here’s information about her from the Wilcove page:

“My research interests span the fields of Conservation Biology, Land Use Change, and Agriculture. Much of my work focuses on the social and ecological consequences of human impacts on the environment especially within Southeast Asia. After having worked on a range of topics in conservation (wildlife trade, invertebrate ecology, habitat fragmentation), I now focus on the conservation and development challenges faced in the context of commercial and small-scale agricultural expansion in the rural tropics. I am deeply interested in the linkages and feedbacks among socio-political, economic and ecological systems, and apply a combination of socioeconomic techniques, geospatial analysis, and simulation modeling in my research to investigate socio-ecological systems.”

Here’s the link to more information on the Wilcove team and its work: